Monday, 8 June 2009

Priests Training Conference to be repeated

The Priests Training Conference held at Ushaw College in April is to be repeated in 2010. In view of the success of recent conference, the Latin Mass Society is already making plans for a similar one in 2010 which will again take place in Low Week, which is from 12th to 15th April. It will be run along similar lines, but improvements will be made to take into account the comments made this year. Besides intensive tuition, there will again be a range of liturgies, designed to demonstrate best practice, and spiritual talks.

The Latin Mass Society is strongly of the opinion that Ushaw College provides an excellent venue, particularly on account of the magnificent St Cuthbert's Chapel and the many side altars associated with it, and so are keen to return.

Any priest readers who are interested in attending are encouraged to make a note of the dates in their diaries. It would be helpful if other readers who know of priests who may be interested would bring the conference to their attention.

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